Personal Trainer and

1:1 Coaching

MaDonna has been helping women who are in a place where they know they want change, but aren't quite sure how to get there. MaDonna has helped women set a goal for the direction they want to go and helped them every step of the way using accountability coaching techniques to achieve their dream. 

MaDonna creates a personally tailored plan to meet their goals professionally, financially, physically, and mentally. 

Overall lifestyle coaching involves aspects including: 

  • Self-Presentation & Appearance 
  • Mental Health Regulation Techniques 
  • Spiritual Development 
  • Financial Freedom Planning Through Budgeting and Estimation Techniques 
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Planning and Coaching 
  • Motivational Coaching and Planning
  • Physical Coaching Course 

Whether your goals are to lose weight, gain weight, lose fat, build muscle, or maintain your current physique MaDonna will tailor a plan to fit your needs. 

Holistic Approach to Living Your Best Life Fully, Sustainably, & Happily

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